Wildfire All Over Pleasure Oil (Original)

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A massage oil
A personal lubricant
A bath oil
A body moisturiser

100% NATURAL. Contains no preservative systems, petrochemicals or artificial colourings or flavours.

Herbal aphrodisiacs infused into an Extra Virgin Olive Oil base, along with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. 

The herbs used in the Original Wildfire have been used for Centuries for their aphrodisiac properties. These heighten arousal, heighten orgasm and heighten sensation when used as a lubricant on all intimate and sensitive areas.

Wildfire also contains essential oils which give the fragrance but also work as aphrodisiacs with the herbal medicine. The fragrance is not too floral and not too woody.  The more floral notes which women are drawn towards is Lavender and Rose Geranium.  The more woody notes which men are drawn towards are Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.  Hence, the oil is perfect as a couple’s oil.

The pressures of everyday life make it difficult for couples to take time out together to share in the simple pleasures of relaxation and intimacy. Wildfire understands the difficulties associated in this economic climate and have created the perfect excuse to have more fun at an affordable price.

Wildfire focuses on helping couples to reconnect and escape the day-to-day together. We are all about creating more FUN – as life should be enjoyable and liberating.

100% safe for internal use both front and back, so perfect for all couples. 

Not compatible with latex (condoms) because of the oil base, but they are compatible with NON Latex condoms.

Safe to use with ALL toys, even silicone. Olive oil is vegetable base oil, not a petroleum or mineral based oil, therefore will not degrade silicone.  A toy cleaner must be used in the usual manner.

Edible BUT do not taste great because of their herbal infusions. For those customers who are used to herbal tonics from Natural Therapists, these oils may have an acceptable taste.

Needs to be stored below 30°C and kept out of direct sunlight to preserve the shelf life of the oil. Shelf life of 3 years.