Pump worx accu-meter power pump

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Increase your penis' size the easy way with the Pump Worx - Accu-Meter Power Pump!

This professional-grade penis pump has been developed as a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, perfect for fuss-free erection enhancement! The Pump Worx - Accu-Meter Power Pump has an EZ-grip trigger handle that causes your erection to grow and swell with every squeeze! The soft, flexible sleeve at the entrance forms a perfectly tight seal against your skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber, resulting in a bigger, thicker erection for you and a partner to enjoy as you please...

The clear vacuum cylinder lets you watch yourself grow in front of your very eyes while the easy-read gauge lets you know how much pressure you've pumped. The tube is made from thick, heavy-grade acrylic and marked with both metric and US standard graduations so you can measure your growth in real-time. The quick-release valve relieves the pressure instantly so you can play with your powerful new pleasure rod as soon as it's ready!

Key features of the Pump Worx - Accu-Meter Power Pump:

  • Increases your erection's length, girth & staying power
  • The soft & flexible sleeve creates an airtight seal against your skin
  • Pressure gauge that shows you how much pressure you've pumped
  • Clear acrylic tube with measurement markings to track growth
  • EZ-grip trigger handle for easy operation
  • Quick-release valve for instant pressure relief


  • 20.3cm / 8" length
  • 7.5cm / 3" width


    • ABS plastic
    • Acrylic
    • TPR (thermoplastic rubber)