Feel Kenzie

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Blonde, buxom beauty is one of the brightest stars in the adult industry, a testament to her fierce onscreen talents and lust for sexual adventure.

Use alone or pair with the Keon machine for the ultimate experience.

This FeelStar starts off with a tight pussy, leading right into an aggressive ribbed pattern. The ribbed pattern provides a great sense of friction, and adds to the feeling of tightness as you enter the sleeve. Right after this, you will find yourself hitting a lot of smaller bumps, which leads into larger nubs, giving you an erotic amount of massaging nubby area to play around with towards the front. From there, the internals open back up into an untextured smooth area which is wider. This provides a great transitional space for what is to come. The design ends with six tighter rings that wrap tightly around your tip as you go deeper into the back of the sleeve. FeelKenzie is a great FeelStar toy for those that want variety with their sessions, and want a good amount of stimulation and intensity.