3Some wall banger deluxe

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The 3Some Wall Banger Deluxe is here to fill you up with its brawny shaft and perfect positioning. Whether you're using it mounted via suction cup or handling it through its positioning strap, the Wall Banger Deluxe puts the bang back in the bedroom!

The new 3Some collection from Pipedream puts the fun in functional! These unique sex toys offer multiple ways to enjoy triple-decker sensations and three times the enjoyment. No matter if you're an avid double penetration aficionado or a complete sex toy beginner, the 3Some range will let you fulfill your ultimate fantasies.

The 3Some Wall Banger Deluxe is for the people out their who like to live life a little on the larger side. A slightly tapered tip gives way into a hefty sized shaft that would make any size queen eager with anticipation. Not only is the shaft of your Wall Banger Deluxe one of the largest out of the 3Some range, it also features a twisting design that stimulates both visually and sensually. Its straight shaft makes it perfect for any occasion, no matter the hole or the goal!

Your 3Some Wall Banger Deluxe is designed to be easy to use, letting you focus on the fun times instead of messing around with the controls! A simple button controls the 10 different vibe functions of this toy, or for fun on the go or with a partner, you can use the included remote control. When you're done, magnets can hold the controller as a part of the toys base.

Included with your Wall Banger Deluxe is a powerful silicone suction cup that you can use for a handy, hands-free experience! Not only does it allow for perfect positioning, it also makes a waterproof seal so you can use it safely in the shower. With or without suction cup, the Wall Banger Deluxe is one sweet ride. Its just as easy to get the Wall Banger Deluxe right where you want it thanks to the handy positioning strap on the base of the toy.

With its mighty rumbles, you might be worried about how many batteries you'll be going through. Luckily the 3Some Wall Banger Deluxe is USB rechargeable and includes its own charging cable! A 1.5 hour charge will get you up to 1 hour of playtime.

Coming to you in a combination of silicone and ABS plastic, keeping your 3Some Wall Banger Deluxe clean is easy! If you look after your toys they'll be sure to look after you, just use your favourite toy cleaner before and after each playtime.

For a smooth and sensual glide, be sure to use a generous amount of your favourite water-based lubricant.

  • Width : 4.1cm
  • Colour : Pink
  • Cleaning : No alcohol or ammonia-based toy cleansers
  • Batteries : 1 x CR2032 (included- for remote), Not required: This is a rechargeable product
  • Lubricant : Water-based
  • Material : ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Manufacturer : Pipedream
  • Length : 16cm (Insertable), 19cm