The rabbit company the beaded backdoor rabbit

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Featuring two shafts that work together for over the top stimulation and massage that emulate from two separate motors, this smooth rabbit vibe adds the thrill of beads moving underneath the surface for unmatched pleasure that feels just like a rim job.

The rotating beads are located along the bottom of the larger shaft to stimulate the nerve endings that line the outer region of the anus while the shaft itself swells and curves to find the perfect fit that targets the prostate for men and fills you up with orgasmic vibrations for women. At the base the two rabbit ears extend with a textured massager for some deep massage at the perineum or the labia majora.

Sleekly soft, the Beaded Backdoor Rabbit comes in both black and navy, both a smooth silicone that forms to the body for a perfect fit. It’s also highly hygienic being both antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Use with a good quality water based lubricant; avoid silicone based lubes with any silicone material.

USB cable included for use with rechargeable battery.