MiaMaxx Rechargeable

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MiaMaxx 3 inch thrusting dildo, 3 inch thrusting vibrator hand held fucking machine boasts 7 powerful stimulation modes, 3 different speed settings. future sex toy. There is no other comparable product currently available, MiaMaxx offers a satisfying and unique experience.

Miamaxx, is presented in an attractive gift box and with  a velvet pouch

  • MiaMaxx base is currently available in sleek black, deep purple
  • Fixed head measuring 5 inches
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Thrust designed to mimic the motion of a partner
  • Maximum thrust setting a full 3 inch stroke
  • 7 adjustable vibrational settings
  • 3 different speed intensities
  • Silicone grade sleeves
  • Smooth attachment sleeve included with MiaMaxx
  • A variety of sleeves are also available
  • hand held fucking machine