Genie In A Bottle Magic Carpet

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In magical times, Genies roamed the earth in the form of beautiful women and gave themselves wholly to the pleasures of men. 1000 years ago, a jealous sorcerer locked them all in bottles to punish them for their wicked ways. Now these trapped Genies are yours to unlock your every wish is their command. Rub the bottle, make a wish, and set your Genie free!!! Genie In A Bottle M Cup Back To Paradise. Set me free.

Take your experience to new heights as you enjoy this new sensation. Super-smooth tight interior gives a realistic sensation every time you penetrate. Safe, fun, and great for increasing stamina.  They are designed for a one time usage but many people use it a few times.  Set your genie free in lustful ways.



Genie In A Bottle Genie Magic Carpet Ride. Set me free. The hole parts to reveal a ridge interior light enough to slightly resist. This chamber grips from all angles, giving the devine sensation of pushing into a wet tight canal for the first time.

The high ridges rub you in all the right places and suck you deeper inside. Go for a ride and experience the sensation of sliding and floating with your special Genie. Tight, silky-smooth, and yours to penetrate again and again. Safe, fun, and great for increasing stamina. Genie In A Bottle Magic Carpet Ride is a part of the Genie In A Bottle M-Cups.


When you want to experience the magic of erotic sensations then grab a hold of one of these Genie M-Cups that will take you along for a magical ride of sexual exploration.  Masturbation is something that all men enjoy and adding a great feeling stroker makes it only better.  A nice price for a great time!