Autoblow 2 size A tightest mouth sleeve

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Experience the Autoblow 2 tailored to fit you. The size A sleeve is thicker than the other sleeve sizes. This reduces the inner space and gives a tighter feeling to those with a girth of 7.5cm to 10cm (3 to 4 inches) and suitable for all lengths.

The flesh-like feel gives you the closest feeling to a real blowjob without the back chat. The artificial skin is made from high quality artificial skin and looks identical to a real mouth/lips. Get Choose your speed because more than 500 hours of blowjobs are calling your name!
Just insert the sleeve into your Autoblow 2 machine, listen for the click so you know it is in place properly, use a water-based lube for the easiest and most realistic blowjob you will ever experience and when you have finished simply remove the sleeve and clean.


  • High quality artificial skin
  • Suitable for all penis lengths
  • Entrance looks identical to a real mouth/lips
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean


  • Girth: 7.5cm to 10cm (3 to 4 inches)
  • Length: suitable for all lengths